The OpenRA Tiberian Dawn mod can be really overwhelming to the newcomers. This guide is made to help the noobs to understand some basic things about this mod.

  1. Every game you play is being recorded. That way you can check later, what other players did and try to copy tactics that worked well. To Access replays, go to Main Menu->Extras->Replays.
  1. In TD (short for Tiberian Dawn - this mod) every factory has its own building queue. That means, that you can build units from every factory at the same time. To access the different queues, click the numbers in the building menu. Or just click the different factories. This means, that expanding to get more money is very important, to increase your output of tanks.

  2. Build one silo. After that you shouldn't build any more silos, for the above reason. Saving money does not win games. Building tanks does. Ignore the "Silos needed" sound - you do not lose money, by not being able to process Tiberium. Harvesters only unload, when you have enough storage space for the Tiberium.

  3. Build Refineries as close to Tiberium as possible. Time spent driving, is time spent not making money.

  4. Press B+Click to place beacons. They make a PING sound. In addition, you can press Space to get to beacons and other events like your base being attacked instantly - for example to see, what your teammate wants you to see.

  5. You can help repair buildings of your allies. Do that to keep your allies' buildings alive.

  6. You should try to keep no more than 3 Harvesters per Refinery. 5 Harvesters and 2 Refineries is an ideal ratio for the medium-sized field.

  1. One blossom tree produces enough Tiberium for one harvester, long-term.
  1. Spamming tanks is usually the most standard way of playing. You usually can't do too much wrong with that. But mixing in some infantry is also good.
  2. Don't turtle. It doesn't work. Static defense is only useful in limited circumstances and mostly on chokey maps.
  3. Don't just build a barracks first and waste your money on infantry spam. Infantry supports tanks, but is bad as a main force, although sometimes Chem Warrior spam with support from Apaches can work.
  4. Going aircraft is also not a good choice for your main force. Some GDI players like to do this to catch their enemies off-guard, but it's very easy to counter with AA. That being said, don't forget to build AA near your tech buildings, it might help a lot.
  5. Press A+Click to order your units to attack-move. This is better than just move, because they will shoot at enemies they encounter, making them less vulnerable.
  6. You can assign unit groups, by selecting units and pressing CRTL+Number. Double-tapping said number will also automatically center your camera on the group, making managing multiple unit groups easier.
  1. Have some patience. TD waiting times can be quite long, depending on the time of the day and other factors. If you have no patience and want "games nao" then you'll probably prefer the RA mod. However this does not mean, you should simply go afk. If you leave for a bit, tell others beforehand. Also, you can just use Alt+Tab and do something else for a while, until a game starts. You'll probably hear lots of beeping, if the people in the chat want your attention.
  2. If you hold Shift and give orders to units they will execute them in the order you gave them.
  3. Nuking MCVs is not the best idea, although nuke one-shots Construction Yard. Your enemy will probably pack-up his MCV and move out of nuke's way. A much better idea would be to nuke the tech structures, refineries or production structures.
  4. Stealth Tanks are really good against harvesters. A pack of 6 can one-shot a harvester. They also perform well against Mammoth tanks and tech structures. And, of course, they're perfect for scouting. But be careful: infantry, defense and tech structures can reveal your Stealth Tanks to the enemy.